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A durable finish that reduces the need to strip and refinish. Responds beautifully when spray buffed. Resists black heel marks, scuffs, dirt penetration and detergents. Dries clean with a tough, long-lasting gloss. White in color with an ammonia scent.


A concentrated, general  purpose cleaner  containing  a  blend  of nonionic and anionic surfactants for effective cleaning. Taski" View Quick Cleaner will remove all types of soil from hard surfaces and effectively cleans floors without harming the floor finish.


Taski Glance is a multi-purpose glass & hard surface cleaner that leaves a smear-free & streak-free finish. It quickly cuts through grease, grime, soap films, fingerprints & smoke films whilst leaving a squeaky clean surface. Taski Glance is a versatile product that can be used on glass & other washable surface such as chrome, stainless steel & laminate surfaces such as countertops.


Go Getter is a PHOSPHORIC ACID toilet cleaner for frequent use on stainless steel urinals and toilet bowls as well as porcelain toilet ware. Go Getter contains a disinfectant that kills a wide range of odour producing bacteria.


A new and innovative deep penetrating stripper that requires minimal mechanical action to properly prepare a resilient floor for recoating. Taski Freedom Heavy Duty Stripper allows stripping and recoating in up to 50% less time than ordinary strippers do


A water emulsion sealer-undercoater containing exclusive Diversey polymers and metal interlocks. It fills the pores of the floor, levels off the hills and volleys, and bonds tightly to the floor, providing  a highly detergent resistant base coot for all Diversey floor finishes, buffable or non-buffable.


Cleans and polishes hard wood and laminate commercial furniture  to a   beautiful  shine. Protects as it Cleans.


An effective germicide and disinfectant, containing 762 PPM of a potent quaternary germicide which is effective against a wide spectrum  of  microorganisms  when  used at  a  1 :20 dilution. This effectively kills the following  bacteria• Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis and viruses HIV-1  (Aids) Virus.

Partnering with Diversey (A Solenis Company)

 With Diversey’s innovative and sustainable solutions, we aim to optimize your cleaning processes, reduce environmental impact and enhance operational efficiency.

Solenis takes on any sustainability challenge.

No specialty chemical supplier is better than Solenis at driving sustainability and operational efficiency and helping to create cleaner and safer environments.

TASKI® machines

TASKI innovations have provided a wide range of benefits since 1955, including efficiency, sustainability, ergonomics and improved cleanliness. In 1965, a spray device was integrated into TASKI machines. Less than 10 years later in 1973, the TASKI combimat 42E debuted to provide customers with a smaller, more maneuverable scrubber drier and in 1990, the combimat 600 was the smallest battery-powered scrubber drier in the market. In 2002, the introduction of the TASKI swingo 750/1250 series defined new standards for cleaning machines.

TASKI® products clean effectively while reducing water, chemical and energy consumption.

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